Help Health Care Practitioners Understand you!

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Hello everyone! I joined back in 2011 but was having a hard time staying involved while working and finishing 2 degrees.  I am back on track, and looking for some insight!
I am currently a Dietetic Intern at NC Central University.  In one of my rotations, I asked the Dietitian and Diabetes Educator team if I could give a short presentation or discussion on what it is like to be a diabetic patient when listening to nutrition advice.

If you could share some experiences with me that may help give some perspective to these Dietitians, it can help others like you! It can be something that you hear in passing, maybe a specific comment that you have a "knee-jerk" response to or makes you feel ashamed.  Or, it can be something you hear or gather from health care professionals that you think should be said more often.

Thank you for your input!
Posted about 5 years ago