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Hi my dear sisters,

Am a Ugandan in East AFrica, i love you all in Jesus name.

It my first time to write to this forum. I would love to hear more of your Advise and concern in my problem.

i was diagonised 10 years ago of Diabetese when i was 13 years old, but now i want to concieve, will I and my baby be safe, if so what can you inform me of the precaution and seriousness.

be very great to hear from you all.
Posted about 9 years ago
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Hi Consolate! Welcome to the Sisters Forums!

A baby! How wonderful!

With diabetes there are some issues that need to be considered before you get pregnant:

-Have you had a physical recently?
-Is your A1C less than 7%?
-If you are on blood pressure medication, is it an ACE inhibitor? (If so, your health care provider will discuss this with you as it is usually discontinued and replaced with another medication during/pre-pregnancy.)
-Have you had an eye exam recently?
-Are you taking a vitamin supplement which includes folic acid?

These are all things that need to be discussed with your health care provider and corrected before pregnancy if possible.

When your health care provider and eye doctor have given you the OK-- make beautiful babies! And remember, blood sugar control during pregnancy is even more important than ever, so work with a diabetes educator and/or a dietitian to help keep them in control!

Laurie P. Moderator
Posted about 9 years ago