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I am so excited to discover this resource and community of strong women. My name is Robin, and I was diagnosed with Type 1 at age 11 (back in 1993). The past couple of decades saw me confronted with a variety of conditions associated with diabetes, including depression, anxiety, and eating disorders, though I see the value of those experiences now that I am on the other side. Currently, I work in early childhood education and development though I am looking to move into the field of integrative health since it has made such a tremendous difference in my health management and general wellbeing. Hopefully, I will become a certified coach through Duke Integrative Medicine sometime this year or early next. I am hoping to connect with like-minded people who have had positive experience with mindfulness practices in their blood sugar management. Balancing the fast pace of my current job in administration with self-care is my biggest challenge at the moment, though I am confident that I will eventually create the career path that will fulfill me while allowing me to work with others in finding strategies for stress-reduction and motivations for personal health. I have a website at www.firstlightintegrativehealth.com.

Posted about 2 years ago