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Hi ladies! My name is Taylor and I just recently found this website through a facebook post!
I am so excited to join! I have been reading through it and this seems like a great support group network. 
so a little bit about me! 
I was diagnosed in Singapore about 5 years ago! I have lived overseas since I was in 8th grade and it has been rough! The diabetes care here is pretty bad and so it is hard to stay positive. Along with the fact that my 16 year-old sister is type 1 as well since she was 10! 
I am really athletic and love working out! Just in the last year, I have really changed my diet! I have been going low-carb and have become a great deal more health conscious! It has really helped my blood sugars, but due to stress and school my last A1C was 8.5. This really aggravates me because I am really TRYING to lower it!
I love meeting new people- especially diabetics!
If you have any questions or want to chat please please do! :-)
you can also email me at taylormatthewsbball@gmail.com 
Thanks!! oxoxo 
Posted about 5 years ago