Hi from Maine

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Hi I moved to rural Maine from Massachusetts in 2006. I have had type 1 diabetes since 1990/91. After i moved to ME I lost control of the diabetes. The threat of renal disease from a urine test which was brought to my attention by my primary care Dr. not the diabetes specialist made me take action to control the blood sugars. my last a1c was 7.1 in sept 08 july of 08 it was 8.8. so i have made progress. i am now traveling the 225 miles to joslin clinic in boston. it takes us over 5 hours if we hit traffic. i do not have high blood pressure. it was suggested to me to go on ace inhibitors to help the kidneys. i said no due to the fact an ace inhibitor is a blood pressure lowering med and the drug just prolongs the end result of poor blood sugar control renal disease. any one have thoughts on this. i like the rural living but miss the choices in health care facilities. i guess that is called give and take. i am a 50plus woman married with no children. we had livestock currently we have two cats.
Posted about 12 years ago