Hi there!

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:) I am new to the program. I would like any information that anyone would have about what this organzation is all about. I hope to hear from as many of you as possible within the next few minutes!

I'm a diabetic and have been for 2 years now. I would also like some information on how to control diets. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Please respond as soon as possible.

Thanks alot!

Tena Strevels
Posted about 9 years ago
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The best way to understand what the organization is all about is to wander around on the site. Take a look at the programs and services offered on the left side of the home page and look at the About Us tab on the top of the home page. You can also view some videos about the organization and its mission under Press Room.

Regarding diets, please take a look at the Foods and Recipes section of this Forum. Also, take a look at the Nutrition Tip of the Month Column and the Ask our CDE Column (under From the Experts...) on the homepage. You can find lots of food/diet tips in these places.

Posted about 9 years ago