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Hello, Ladies.

A couple of years ago, my primary care physician noticed I had a high A1C3 during the course of routine care. A year after that, it was a bit higher (5.8). In July, it was 6.0. Last month, it was 6.3. I resisted the idea of a pre-diabetes diagnosis because I'm in excellent health. I have a depressingly healthy diet and a rigorous exercise regimen. I'm 29 years old and there is no history of diabetes in my family.

After last month's test, I was referred to an endocrinologist. That appointment happened early this morning. He put me on Metformin, and told me to come back in 3 months for re-evaluation. Meanwhile, he is performing a second blood test to corroborate what the A1C3 says. I can't remember the name of the test though. He's also checking my antibodies, because he thinks this may be late-onset Type 1. If that's the case, we'll revisit my treatment plan.

I am starting to accept that this is really happening. I still struggle with the irrational notion that I just don't FEEL like someone who would get diabetes. But, I'm an engineer. I don't put blinders on when the evidence is there to support a theory. The specialist told me this morning that if I manage my treatment as well as I currently manage my diet and exercise, there's no reason diabetes should ever really impact my quality of life. It was a relief to hear him say that. Of course I know that many people live happily and healthy lives with this disease. It's still hard to accept, though.

I realize that some women in this forum might feel irritated or even offended by someone who is "only" pre-diabetic. I consider myself lucky to have been made aware of this condition before it escalates. I'm still upset that I'm not "perfectly healthy" anymore though. I came here hoping to be able to share those upset feelings and find a community where people are educated and practical about the disease. I haven't told many people in my personal life yet because I really don't want to deal with their reactions. Thanks for reading.
Posted about 6 years ago