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Hello my name is Annie-I live in the Raleigh, North Carolina area. I am 42 years old and been living with Diabetes for almost twelve years, (age 31, diagnosed), I have type 2 diabetes with a long family history of diabetics. My mother,father,and out of five children four are diabetics. Diabetes has had a stronghold over some parts of my life but I have overcome each one of them. In 2004 I had multiple TIA's/mini strokes overcame that, In 2005 I became very depressed because I was asked to stepdown from my positon or reassigned due my inability to physically meet the standards of my job after 15 years of working with the department and I over came that. 2009 I found another job but after one year resigned due to the overwhelming stressors of the job but I overcame that. I have been without insurance since with the inability of getting affordable health insurance due to my health condition. I started a new job February of this year-I was so excited because I could finally get employers insurance during open enrollment but the insurance with the company that I work for is so High in cost-I would be working to pay for health insurance so I work without health insurance and pay out of pocket for doctor visits, try to maintain a healthy diet, exercise so that I can continue to take the low cost medication for my diabetes and High blood pressure which runs hand and hand. Although, I try to do the right things most of the time, I still have obstacle that seem to find me- March 26th, I fell and hurt my lower back and tore my MCL in my left left so I am finally up on my feet again after almost five weeks of therapy, I pray to return to my job on May 2nd. I am happy to find out there are other women who can relate to what I go through on a day to day basis living with diabetes. I hope to meet some of you face to face at the upcoming conference in Raleigh,nc.:)
Posted about 10 years ago