An Introduction

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I just registered because it looks like a nice place to talk with women that are dealing with the same things I am.  I was diagnosed in 2000 when I was investigating PCOS, lucky me I have both!  I have since acquired a couple new related problems as I'm valiantly trying (some times, not all the time) to get things rolling.  In the middle of all this life brought some detours I wouldn't have chosen, but I'm learning to deal with.  The most recent big change is new medical insurance, so a new medical team.  I'm on Amaryl and two insulins that don't keep me in a good place and it's all because of what I eat.  So, now I'm changing what and how I eat with no more free passes or leeway to fix things later.  I have the beginning or neuropathy and am taking meds for that.  I would love to be OFF all my meds save a multi & fish oil, but for that to happen I have alot of work ahead of me. Now I am walking steps that are challenging my thought process and who I think I am.  It's all intertwined and I feel like I'm constantly untying knots only to make new ones in other places.
Posted about 6 years ago