Midwives and obgyn who work with type 1 pregnancy

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Hello Diabetes Sisters!

Does anyone know of any of the following:

- midwives in the Chapel Hill area who are willing to work with type 1 diabetic pregnancies?

- an OBGYN who works with type 1 pregnancies and is willing to be present when you give birth

- a small obgyn practice who works well with type 1 pregnancies

I am not yet pregnant but have been going to the high risk obgyn department at duke. While they have an impressive amount of experience and specialize in "high risk", I'm concerned because there are so many practitioners and I don't think I will be able to meet and develop a relationship with all of them before delivery. I'm also concerned that they will just pump me through the system, (require induction, c-section, certain drugs) without truly evaluating me as an individual (rather than just another pregnant type 1 diabetic woman).

Thank you for your thoughts, comments and ideas!!

Warm wishes,

Posted about 10 years ago