Mouth problems

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Hi everyone.  I am a 63
year old, T1.5 diabetic who was diagnosed in 2000 while waiting for a heart
transplant.  I had a stroke and heart
attack in 1999…a little late with that diabetic diagnosis.  It took me about 5 years to work my way back
to a normal life (without the heart transplant).  I have controlled congestive heart
failure.  I went on insulin almost immediately and have been on a pump
since 2003. 

I am experiencing a lot of
stress which is aggravating the lichen planus in my mouth.  I now have an oral yeast infection to go along
with it.  I have finally found a dental
pathologist who sounds like he knows what he is doing.  I started new meds yesterday.  I would like to hear from anyone else that
has chronic mouth problems.  Thanks.

Posted about 7 years ago