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I'm Wendy and I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in April. I went in for an annual physical and diabetes was discovered. When I first learned of it I cried, not really knowing anything about it or where to begin was scary. My physician is the best, during that call she assured me I would be fine :)

I have had a couple family members with diabetes but not close enough to know any details or how it could affect me. The older and wiser in me made me realize I should have paid attention to things and made myself aware of family health history. With research these last few months I have learned I can control it and not let it control me. With that said I will continue to research and educate myself on the disease and help others along the way.

So here's to meeting new people, making friends, sharing stories, supporting others, and becoming much wiser in this wonderful new lifestyle change I've made!
Posted about 9 years ago