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Hi all.  My name is Amy.  I live in AZ and was dx with type 2 in 1990 - I was not treated until I was in my 20's because my mother decided that I "just needed to lose weight"  At 21, I started taking Metformin that never did anything for me but give me daily trips to the bathroom.  I had tried metformin, Januvia, Actos with Metformin and Byetta.  NOTHING got my A1C below 7 and my Dr's just kept telling me I was cheating and eating the wrong things.  But HONESTLY, I wasn't.  I had a trainer, I was running in 1/2 marathons, everything the right way.  I was just a big girl, so they kept treating me for Type 2. 

I moved up North in 2006 to get out of a bad marriage and I found a new Dr. that took one look at all my records and said "let me do some tests on you, do you mind?" What's to lose I thought?  He was actually a NP and he was WONDERFUL.  So after years and years of being told I was doing things wrong, it took one simple blood test for my new PCP to tell me, it was the Dr's fault for not testing me and giving me more and more drugs.  It turned out I had type 1.5 diabetes.

I was put on insulin almost immediately, and have been great ever since!!!!  My latest A1C was 6.4, which it's where I want it to be, but hey, baby steps right!?!?!!?

I have been on an insulin pump for a year and a half, and honestly, it's the BEST thing that ever happened to me!!!!!!  I love it!

So now, at 37, I have decided that it's time to have a baby.  I have been trying since I was 22 during my first marriage, but was always afraid because of the diabetes and my weight.  I am still heavy, but have recently lost 42 pounds and decided it's now or never with my age. 

So, any advise would be greatly appreciated!!!!
Posted about 7 years ago