New to sisters and new to diabetes

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Hi, I was just diagnosed with T2 in February 2013.  I have started making changes to my eating habits and am seriously trying to lose weight.  I need some advice though, after doing some research I am beginning to question whether I am full blown diabetic or pre-diabetes.  When I went for my fasting blood glucose test, my serum glucose came back at 109 and my A1c came back at 6.9.  My doctor put me on Metformin at 500mg once a day, and since then I am hungry all the time, and my numbers when I test at home are way above 109, in the mornings my numbers are between 148 and 158 and during day 2 hours after I've eaten it was 211 one day and another day it was 180, now I know that the kinds of foods you eat will effect the numbers and they will vary, but if I'm on the meds now shouldn't my numbers be lower than my original number of 109?  I'm just really confused.  Should I call my doctor?  Do you think the meformin is having the opposite effect on me?  Have you ever heard of this happening before?  Should I stop taking the meds for a few days and just monitor my levels throughout the day and see if the numbers are lower without the meds?  I'm sorry for so many questions but I feel very alone and a little freaked out, my dad and my MIL died from complications of diabetes. Any advice or suggestions or just support anyone can provide, is appreciated.

Posted about 6 years ago