New (from Ventura, CA) Looking for a walking partner

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Glad I found you.  I was diagnosed a few years back and pretty much ignored it (denial), I have a feeling that I've had this for a decade prior.  Anyway, none of the meds worked so I now take the long acting insulin 2x a-day and (when I can remember) it seems to be doing the job. Yay.
  • I am a dog mom :)  She is 14 y.o. now and can't really do a long walk, bless her heart.  I've had her since she was a teeny tiny pup. 
  •  I know this site is called Sisterhood but as far as walking goes I am open to a male or female buddy.  (maybe your neighbor or brother?) I am 50+ and know that I need to walk, I am not a fast walker.  Unfortunately, I need someone to walk with or I wont end up doing it.  Any takers?  Mornings preferred.  Park near Telephone and Kimball desired area to walk (1 and 1/4 miles walking path).
Posted about 5 years ago