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Hello everyone,

Just found out about Diabetes Sisters from Scott over at Diabetes Daily. Wel,l I stopped by for a visit and decided to register :lol: I was diagnosed as being 'borderline' diabeteic back in 1997. After my diagnosis I lost 35 pounds and kept it off for almost 7 years. My doc at the time told me to lose weight and exercise and that was about it. I have been basically on my own - thinking that was all I needed to do. But then the term 'Prediabetes' came along in 2005 - I didn't hear about that until a few years ago and started to learn more about PreD on the internet. Now I know a diagnosis of PreD means a lot more than casual weight watching.

I'm learning more and more each day and hopefully will be able to keep my numbers low. A few years ago though my FBS was slipping over 100 - 112. My last A1C was 6.0 - so I know I need to get 'serious'.

Hope to learn more by being a part of Diabetes Sisters. Looks like a wonderful site:)
Posted about 9 years ago
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Hi Bevie and welcome to the Forums!

It is just great that you have taken such an active role in your healthcare management! And you are so correct in stating that pre-DM is so much more than just weight loss. You've done a wonderful job there also! That wasn't easy, but such a common challenge for so many of us!

Prediabetes is the same as Type 2 diabetes as far as disease processes go. The problem is that insulin is not able to work as it should. If it cant, the body produces more and more insulin in order to control blood sugars. This over-production of insulin leads to the body to start running out. It is estimated that at the start of pre-diabetes (when sugars go above the normal range) about half of the insulin stores are exhausted. This continuing drain on insulin reserves eventually leads to higher blood sugars and the development of Type 2 diabetes.

When we are sedentary, carry excess weight (especially around the belly), are under stress (emotional or physical like from illness) we use more insulin than usual. So the first line of defense in preventing diabetes is weight loss and exercise. Some doctors also use medications of various types (most commonly metformin) to help the body retain it's insulin stores.

After all of these years your numbers are still in the pre-diabetic range (fasting sugar 100-125, A1C of 5.7% - 6.4%) so congratulations on this success! Not everyone with prediabetes "converts" to diabetes, it's highly individualized. Keep up the great work and keep on reading! You are a star pupil, you know!

Laurie P., Moderator
Posted about 9 years ago