Newbie T2 intro

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Hi! I’m a 47 yo partnered lesbian social worker living in lakeside Wayne/Hammondsport NY. I’ve had type 2 since March 2011 and am a recovering binge eater using mindful intuitive eating as a lifestyle change to help manage my diabetes and eating disorder. I’ve been a controlled type 2 diabetic since I started my recovery journey. I’m interested in starting a PODS meeting in my area and want to learn more about what that entails as the nearest meeting is 87 miles drive from where I live - it would be great to establish a Southern Tier of NY PODS.

Posted about 5 months ago
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Hi Kerry!  Welcome to our community. I'm the Program Manager here at DiabetesSisters, and I also lead our Virtual PODS Group. It is so exciting to hear that you are interested in leading a PODS Meetup in your area! If you would just fill out our PODS Interest Form, our Director Sarah will be in touch to give you some more information.


Posted about 4 months ago
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Hello, Sisters!

I’m T2 almost 20 years now. Under my endocrinologist’s supervision, I maintain A1C 5.7 through diet alone. On my latest visit, my endocrinologist told me that I no longer have to test (finger stick) unless my A1C goes up. I I’m not a saint—I still weigh like 300 lbs. I control my sugar through diet only. And I don’t feel deprived. I kicked my addiction to sugar/carbs over one tough year. Now I enjoy everything except commercial desserts

Posted about 3 months ago