Newly diagnosed in central PA

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I just celebrated the tenth anniversary of a successful kidney transplant - by meeting with nurses on the diabetic team in my nephrologist's group!

Since no one else in my family is diabetic, I'm fairly sure my didetes is steroids induced; I've been lucky twice and had a first transplant that lasted from 1988 until 1999. As I said, I had a second transplant in 2001. Finally, after more than twenty years on prednisone, my transplant surgeon decided three years ago that the side effects outweighed the benefits and took me off. Unfortunately, my A1c was already creeping up. Although I knew it was being checked twice a year, no one got proactive and urged me more strongly to lose weight and get things under control.

At my clinic appointment in November, my kidney bloodwork was fantastic, but the A1c had crossed the threshold between pre-diabetes and Type 2. I was directed to make an appointment as mentioned above.

So, I was given a glucose meter and shown how to use it. I have another appointment at the end of the month and will keep a log of my once a day checks. I also started on Nutrisystem's diabetic plan to lose some weight (so far so good). I'm open to any advice!
Posted about 10 years ago