So Glad to find other women with Type 1

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Hello,I read your article in the All You Magazine..I am so glad to find somewhere to talk to other people who understand what its like to have this disease..I have been Type 1 for 25yrs. and suffer from neropthy in my legs, as well as sexual issues, SVT , autonomic neuropthy,gastroparisis ,(sorry if its spelled wrong) as well as thyroid and chronic pain...So I always had taken care of myself and of coarse doctors can't explain why I have the complications as I do..I call myself a freak to the medical society :S ...And to top it off my daughter was diagnosed with type 1 when she was 14 and she has had it now for 11yrs. I feel so bad for her and they say its not heredity, go figure. I know she looks at me and thinks is this going to happen to me...I can't drive anymore,my husband cares for me when I have bad days,God Bless him he has seen me go thru so much and he's my Angel:) ... What really is crazy is people saying you look so healthy.. So I was wondering is there any other women with issues like me.. Thank You for letting me vent..
Posted about 9 years ago