(Non-EU/Japan) Immigration & Type 1 Diabetes

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Hello all,

I was wondering if any of us on the forum have immigrated before while having Type 1 Diabetes?

My partner and I were looking into immigrating to Japan and it became quite apparent that my diabetes would be a bit of an issue, especially when it looked likely that I would have to be a dependant wife while he teaches English as a foreign language, and the costs of the healthcare/prescriptions on top of everything else.

So, for now, we're putting that idea off. During my research into if it would be possible, it has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster because I often had feelings of "I'm ruining everything" but this in turn, made me more determined to find out more.

I would love to hear some success stories, if there are any. Questions to consider answering:

Where did you immigrate to?

What were your biggest problems regarding health?

Did you stay or return?

What is the best piece of advice you could give a Type1 considering immigration?

Thanks in advance. :)
Posted about 8 years ago
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Welcome. Sounds like you have done alot of research. These are excellent questions. Have you contacted your local American Diabetes Association or even go out to their website. They may have some information for you or have some good references or documentation.

Keep us up to date on your progress and good luck to you. I think you are being proactive and one smart cookie to insure you can keep yourself in good health.
Posted about 8 years ago
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I also would suggest taking a look at our Expert Advice columns-- especially the one dealing with legal issues. You can find that column here: http://www.diabetessisters.org/expertadvice/legalissues

This might be a question that you could submit to the Expert Team-- maybe they can point you in the right direction: legalteam@diabetessisters.org.

Best of luck to you!
Posted about 8 years ago
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Unfortunately because I'm coming from the UK, an American Diabetes Association will probably not be of much use to me. Sorry for not specifying this in my original post... I guess I was being too optimistic thinking that this could be generalised, despite location. :(

I have done a lot of research, often met with dead ends. It really does seem that there have been no British diabetics that have taken the jump to somewhere like Japan.

I've been in contact with the Japanese Embassy, fellow teachers (though American and on a pump - two things I am not/don't want) on the JET program site, throughly researched on various websites, including diabetes specialising ones like this and Expat forums.

Of all the whole wide internet, I feel like I'm the only diabetic interested in doing this at all from the UK.

My situation is a bit awkward because I will have to possibly start off by being a dependant before becoming a teacher because I need to work towards a degree. I just cannot work out how well it would work with me being a diabetic dependant and him teaching.

With all this lack of good news or feedback, I think my partner and I are having to look at giving up. My partner isn't even sure he wants to be a JET person anymore.

I do appreciate the responses despite this though. Thank you for your time.
Posted about 8 years ago
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Im in Oz now but immigrated to England and then Ireland for 10 years and I found it quite easy. I even ended up with a pump while in Ireland

My advice is
- get in contact with their local diabetes assoc before you go & ask for any recommended Drs/Specialists. I didn't get any luck this way but worth a go
- investigate how insurance/funding of diabetes products work. For me it was actually easier to live in Europe. Reciprocal medical rights meant all my supplies were free. Other countries you may not be so lucky
- bring plenty of supplies with you when you start, that way you don't need to panic on arrival
- first stop, register with a GP. Ask them for suggestions on private and public options
- Find online resources & join some blogs

If you have any specific questions let me know
Posted about 8 years ago
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Hello! :)

I need to know that there is a way for me to immigrate without financial concern.

Japan is outside the EU, they have their own system so comparing EU places won't work here. I will be paying for everything either through an employer arrangement or out of my own pocket through the admin fee (similar to NHS non-diabetic patient system). There is no free system for diabetics over there from what I understand. Currently I am not allowed a Work Permit because I don't fit their strict requirements (not yet!).

Can someone support a non-pump Type 1 Diabetic and themselves on a JET wage alone?

I appreciate the replies but I think this may be just another fruitless place. :( Since posting this, I've been looking into doing a degree on a part-time basis because this would mean I could apply for a Japanese Work Permit for myself. Six years is a long time though.

What makes matters even worse is the yen is so very strong still too. I can't even holiday there at the moment. ;_;
Posted about 8 years ago
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In light of some replies, I think I will add about Japan in the subject line.
Posted about 8 years ago