Any Ideas?

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Hello everyone!

I am new to this board. I wanted to know what other diabetic women think of my predicament.
I have had diabetes for 15 years with an average A1C of 6.2 for the last 7 years. Before that my A1C ranged from low 5s around diagnosis to 8.1 at my worst point in collage (and that was only once.)
I just had my third child 5 months ago, with the best control I have ever had. About 6 weeks after I stopped breast feeding him (only 9 weeks post partumn at this point) I woke up feeling feverish and with severe joint pain and fatigue. I thought I had the flu and didn't think to much of it until 2 weeks later when the fatigue and joint pain were still there along with a whole host of other symptoms. 4 weeks ago I was unable to walk for a few hours. My legs would not support me and I could not move them while standing. Long story short, I have now been to 5 doctors, and the ER 2x with my symptoms. The answer I keep getting is "Maybe it was your blood sugar" or "You probably have neuropathy."
I DO NOT HAVE A HISTORY OF NEUROPATHY, and as far as I know it is never a sudden onset affecting armsand legs all at the same time and causing sudden, severe muscle weakness

Please tell me I'm not crazy for not agreeing with that diagnosis. Has anyone ever had anything like this happen with neuropathy?!

Posted about 1 year ago