Anyone having any experience with Proliferative Retinopathy?

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Diagnosed for diabetes on 2012 and continuing with my
treatments. Few weeks back vision problem started and also there were slight
pain in my eyes, thought it was due to work stress but the vision started to
fade. Got my eyes tested at Evergreen Eye Center, Washington, and was diagnosed
for proliferative diabetes retinopathy after fluorescein angiography. The
condition is said to be in the progressive state and doctor has suggested having
a laser procedure called PR photocoagulation. I'm scared of my condition and
would appreciate if anyone having any knowledge about this condition shares
some tips that could help me.

Posted about 3 years ago
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Hi, sorry to hear about your troubles. It is distressing news, but laser surgery is not so bad! I was diagnosed with Proliferative  Retinopathy back in 1989, when laser surgery was in it's infancy. I was lucky enough to be a part of a study. My doc told me i'd be blind ( had just turned 23 yo ), but he saved my sight! I hear that the lasers have only gotten better. There might be some pain associated at the actual time of receiving, but if you have a good doc, everything should be ok. 
Don't be afraid to ask questions! that will help ally any fears, and a good doctor should welcome questions. There may be some activities you need to stop doing, like jogging or anything that causes straining or hard impact on your body for a time. The photocoagulation will cauterize the blood vessels growing, so that they stop bleeding ( and causing damage to your retina ), so it's all good! 
Hope that helps some. Good luck!

Posted about 3 years ago