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My grandpa is diabetic. He is 67 years old. He is the only family I have got. Lately, his vision started getting weaker and blurrier. I thought it is because of his age, but it was not. We were too late to find out that he had cataract. Now the ophthalmologist says that a surgery is necessary. As I mentioned, I am the only family he has got. It is my new job and getting leave for two or three days will be impossible. But I’m planning to get his surgery done sooner because life is too good to miss because of cloudy vision. We have struggled a lot mentally a financially and at this stage, I don’t want him to suffer anymore. I heard about laser assisted cataract surgery procedures ( ) which improve the precision and safety during the procedure. I sought advice from a clinic here in San Antonio and took an appointment for the surgery. I can’t lose my job and I can’t leave my grandpa alone in the hospital. I’m kind of confused. How long will this take to heal? How much is the surgery and recovery period? I’m totally new to all this. Please help.

Posted about 6 months ago