Dentures for diabetic patient??

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Hey! My Grandmother is 78 now. As we all know, when we grow old, we might face teeth-loss. So when my grandma was 70 her first heartbreak happened! she lost her right incisors. Losing one tooth at this age doesn't matter. After a week, one of her canines fell down while she was eating her breakfast. Gradually her teeth lose became very common among us. She was unable to eat. I felt pity for her and decided to find a solution. While researching on the internet, I came to know about dentures. She had six teeth left in her mouth. The ajax dentist ( ) told us to go for removable partial dentures. One week back, she got all her self-esteem back. She can eat, chew and talk properly. My grandma is diabetic, let me know whether these dentures have any side effects?

Posted about 1 year ago
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As long as she pays attention to any soreness or irritation, she should do fine. She probably feels so much better and may even gain a little eight. I bet her smiles are a big treat to her and friends now. When my teeth started to go bad, I quit smiling.

Posted about 12 months ago
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The American Dental Association generally advises diabetics not to wear dentures all the time. Thrush, a fungal infection, is a common complication in diabetics wearing dentures. It appears as red or white patches throughout the mouth and causes a burning feeling and may make it difficult to swallow. It is more likely to happen if you:
experience dry mouth, decreased saliva flow, have problems controlling your blood glucose levels, smoke, are taking antibiotics.

Posted about 4 months ago