Diabetes and allergies

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People with diabetes are more to allergies because allergies are an autoimmune disorder as is type 1 diabetes. Allergies may cause your body to become dehydrated. When people with diabetes suffer dehydration, it may lead to fluctuating blood sugar levels and an elevated heart rate.

Often people believe they can avoid allergy symptoms if they stay indoors. This does not work if your indoor air contains allergens. Windows and furniture are the places where more dust gets accumulated. So in order to keep the indoors free of allergens windows and furniture cleaned by hiring window cleaning services and furniture cleaning professionals.

Allergies may complicate the symptoms associated with diabetes. Some doctors might recommend using a nebulizer to reduce allergy symptoms. But it is always better to stay away from allergies by keeping the house and surroundings neat and clean.

Posted about 6 months ago
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I have drug and food allergies. I wear a medic alert bracelet that mentions my top two drug allergies. My food allergies, I was told are not allergies but food intolerances. Well my body reacts to them. Be it an allergy or an intolerance it's upsetting. Nothing works except to steer clear of these foods. AND that is the big problem. Soy is in almost everything. I love corn and carrots. My list of foods is over 50. I wish that all I had to do was use a nebulizer, and keep the house clean to keep my allergies at bay. Won't work for me.

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Very good discussion

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