diabetes and root canal treatment?

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Hey guys. I am posting in this forum for the first time.
I have been told that if I need to save my tooth then I will have to go for a root canal procedure. But I won't be able to afford one. Every day it's looking more and more like I have no other option but to have the tooth extracted, for which I don't have to pay. But from what I have heard, that will lead to massive infections. So the dentist has advised me for a root canal.
And he also told me that if the diabetes is uncontrolled then it becomes a concern. But mine seems to be in control now ( A1C 6.4 ). It should heal pretty quickly.
Has anyone here ever experienced a root canal treatment while diabetic, and if so, how terrible or painful was it to have done? Did you get infections from it? How did it affect your eating afterward? How long did it take to heal?
Anything you can tell me about this will help a great deal. I'm really trying to steel my nerves for when this has to happen. I'm seriously terrified of it.

Thank you

Posted about 1 year ago