hi i am new here i was diagnosed last year and its been really hard some days are good some are bad.
i am starting not to care what my blood sugars are or how much insulin i should take. i know its bad but doing this everyday is making me really depressed , i feel slower than my other non- diabetic friends. i also feel like i lost some because i am a diabetic. i watch my mom and my brother eat all this food while i am left with a scoop or a slice and it makes me mad. knowing i cant eat as much food they are. i just feel left out

what do i do?

Posted about 11 months ago
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Hey girl,

I first want to say, don't give up, and don't lose hope. You can do this! I was diagnosed with type 1 in the middle of my senior year of high school. I had to quit gymnastics, go on the bench during soccer games more often than I ever had before just to check my blood sugar, and I always had to prepared in case I had a low and was constantly counting carbohydrates while the rest of the world seemingly continued on with their lives. Diabetes IS overwhelming, it IS difficult, it IS annoying, and I HATE IT some days. BUT....it DOES get easier, more manageable, and most of all, it DOES NOT control or define you. I found my diagnosis to be a blessing in disguise because it is now what I specialize in as a pharmacist, and through my own experience I am able to help others take control of their health and their diabetes. I will say, the eating component is one of the hardest things, especially when (like you said) other people are eating half of the pie and you're getting a small slice. But you know what? You are so much farther ahead than they are! Because there is no such thing as the "diabetic diet." Diabetes does not mean that you cannot enjoy life; it's quite the opposite. Who really should be eating half the pie? Hmm...no one. Don't let people make you feel "special" or "inferior" because you have diabetes. Unfortunately, most of the population are uneducated about diabetes, especially type 1, and this can create false perceptions and harmful comments towards those who live with diabetes.

Bottom line...don't allow diabetes to take away all that you want for yourself in your life. Yes, some days, diabetes is in the driver's seat and we need to be smart and do what we need to do to stay healthy. But that does not mean that we cannot be the same person we always wanted to be, or that we cannot enjoy a piece of pie time to time. So keep your head up! You can do it.

Posted about 9 months ago