Pump problems

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So, for the first time since I've been on the pump (almost 9 years), I had to switch back to a shot yesterday. I have had problems with my pump before (kink in the tubing, etc.) but as soon as I do a site change, it usually straightens itself back out. Yesterday I changed my site twice and could not get my blood sugar down, so I finally took a shot and it worked. So, that tells me there's nothing wrong with the insulin itself. Could the pump be malfunctioning and saying it's delivering insulin when it's not? It's about to run out of warranty and it is just very puzzling.

Posted about 6 months ago
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I had that happen a couple of years ago. I called the manufacturer and got a new one or rather, one that had been redone the next next day. ( while in warranty) Unfortunately I waited too long because I was stubborn and ended up in the hospital with DKA.

Posted about 5 months ago