Type 1 Diabete--need advice

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Hello my fellow Diabetes Sisters. My name is Laura Pearson. I am a
45-year old female who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 1991. I
have always been a very happy person, I never let my diabetes get in the
way of my happiness or planning of fun events, or even my job. However,
recently i have begun to have some issues that has terrified me and
sent me into horrible panic attacks, although i have calmed down
somewhat and have not had a panic attack in nearly 2 weeks, and now I
feel as though I am all of a sudden falling apart. My sugar levels have
spiked, causing my vision to go blurry (and it has not returned to
normal...yet), i've had to nearly double the amount of my insulin intake
(but am still having issues). Just to give you an example: I've
increased my Lantus FROM 28 units and am now up TO 50 units, and have
nearly doubled my Novolog intake. I have been to a diabetes specialist
and he is working to help me with my issues. However, i would like to
get advice from everyone and find out how many (if anyone) has had
similar issues? And if so, how did you handle this/what did you do? I
have been told that since my vision was 20/20 back in April that IF i
can get my sugar levels back under control that my vision should return
to normal, although i am currently feeling hopeless. I have had an
ongoing problem with nausea for several years and i have been told by 2
doctors that my high sugar levels may be contributing to the nausea AND
that depression is probably also a huge contributing factor and that i
need to take anti-depressants. I am the type of person who is scared to
take meds due to the horrible potential side-effects. I have been
EXTREMELY NAUSEATED again this morning and if i could be at home
sleeping i would, but i have no choice but to be at work, so i'm having a
difficult time right now (and a LOT of mornings). Has anyone on here
ever experienced depression, and did it cause you to be extremely
nauseated? And if so, did the anti-depressants actually help the nausea
to go away? Or what did you do to help with the nausea? Has anyone ever
had this type of problem with extreme sugar level spikes? And if so, did
this cause you to be nauseated? I am so tired of feeling nauseated,
struggling to get out of bed and get to work, struggling to get my sugar
levels down to normal, and i just don't know how much longer i can
stand to feel this way. My legs have been feeling very weak over the
last couple of weeks, as if they feel like they could just give out at
any moment, so i don't know if this is just due to my overall situation
or what's going on with me. I KNOW that i am not alone when it comes to
Diabetes issues and struggles, but i am hoping that by sharing my
personal story that i will get some helpful AND hopeful advice. Thank
you for sharing any comments!!!!

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Hi Laura,Sorry to learn of your difficulties. I've been a Type 1 for 10 years now, and I'm 10 years older than you. Nausea can be part of the whole diabetic thing. Stress can also cause high glucose levels, and having chronic low grade stress, eventually leads to bigger problems. I have had several close call experiences with going hyperglycemic that left me more than just rattled, I was down right scared out of my mind. I have also gone the other direction, having to take steroids for asthma that was out of control, with glucose over 500 for 10 days straight.I also learned within the last year that depression is common with diabetes. I do take anti- depression medication to help manage the stress I live with do in part to the fluctuations that go with being a diabetic. Every day is different. And yes, many of us have a bad diabetic day or week.I found that being on an insulin pump helped a lot. I also have met women through my local group that have pumps & sensors. Anything that provides you with additional information/insight that you can apply to your needs, is a plus. I also have a women endocrinologist, she gets it. We can share information and I can ask her questions about other information I've ferreted along my path, and she said, "Barb, doctors learn from diabetics, you live with the disease every day, 24/7. we'd be foolish not to listen." I also have a support network, that I can call, text, email, and cry in front of. None of these things came with ease, I've worked long and hard to find them and make them work. I also exercise regularly. I'm no exercise guru, but find a long walk, a swim, gardening, helps me cope with all of the challenges.In todays world of HMO's and Insurance carriers, you have to be pro-active in your care. If you feel like anyone involved in your care isn't listening to and hearing you, move on and find another provider. Also try setting smaller goals. There are some days, I manage 15 minutes at a time, and survived. I've dealt with the blurred vision, issue. It's scary, keep searching for answers, looking for the best care you can find. Know that everything affects diabetics, weather, stress, illness, hormones, fatigue, doing too much. Good luck, I hope I've helped just a little bit.Barbara
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Hi Barbara, Thank you so much for sharing your story with me! Yes, there are plenty of days when it is so difficult to deal with having Diabetes. However, over my years of dealing with Diabetes i never really let it bother me....until just recently when i started having blurred vision (and other issues). That's when reality really hit me HARD! Did your vision ever return to normal? This is the first time i've ever dealt with blurred vision and I was told by my eye doctor (and also read online) that once i am able to get my sugar levels back under extreme control that my vision should return to normal after 1-2 months (it's been a month but my vision is still blurred). I've been dealing with very high stress levels for years and there is just no way that i can get it under control. I wish there was some type of disability that ALL people with Diabetes (no matter the health situation) could easily qualify for. (sigh) What are "sensors?" (that you refer to) Due to the fact that with the recent issues i've been dealing with, i'm also dealing with lots of medical bills, that my HMO did not cover, so MORE stress!! Thank you again for sharing your story with me! I'm glad we are all here to support each other, because we all need to stick together and continue to support each other!!! 
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Hi laura, my mother in-laws suffers the same way that you do. A friend of mine introduced a supplement that helped her lowered her sugar and makes her totally fine. I can also share the same supplements that my mother took if youre interested.
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In type 1 diabetes, our body becomes unable to produce enough insulin that causes various health problems. After reading your story, it feel sad, but it remain a part of life for every diabetic people. Nausea, stress, unhealthy diet, excessive weight etc. are all cause of high glucose levels. Instead worrying, you should keep yourself positive and take proper medications, eat healthy and make yourself fit to manage diabetes problem.

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I completely understand your distress. I have been type 1 diabetic since 1999. About 6 years ago I started suffering from severe panic and anxiety disorder. It is one thing to struggle with anxiety alone, but another to add diabetes to it. A panic attack feels like a low blood sugar! And that made my anxiety worse because I was too afraid to go low, so I just wanted to stay high all the time (blood sugar wise...). And anxiety just spirals to high blood sugar, which causes more anxiety, and the circle keeps circling. Along with this struggle, comes depression, brought on by the stress from the illness.

Overall, I understand what you're going through. I wish I knew there were other people with this issue previously. I have been going to see a therapist for this. I saw one before that didn't do sh*t. This new one I have, HAS type 1 diabetes and it has been the most helpful thing I've done for myself. Anxiety messes with your head, and that plays a part in blood sugars. Sometimes it really helps to talk about this with someone who understands and doesn't just think you're crazy.

I hope that this helps <3


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Hello everyone my name is Vanesa. For a period of time I had one roommate with diabetes and only then I saw how hard and painful it was to have diabetes. And I wanted to offer my help and support but because I didn't have that much information I found out "reachout.life"and since then I have been using it not only for diabetes but for other diseases too, and I suggested it to all of my friend. All of us either we suffer from diseases or know someone that does. So is important to have the right information and support from other people that are going through same circumstances. The app is called "reachout" and you can download it for free.

Hope You Feel Better Soon,


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Hi Laura. So sorry to hear that you are going through this. I don;t really have advise except to say that you are not alone. I can only imagine how scary it must be to have blurred vision all of a sudden. Have you tried the Bernstein diet? It is a bit extreme but I researched his methods quite a bit and it seems like the man is a diabetes god. The longer you have this disease the more difficult it seems to get...even if you had and have good control. I was diagnosed in 1993 and I remember cruising through life with no worries. I thought ensuring that your HBAqC was below 7 would be enough but even with good control this disease still came back and bit me in the ass. I wish you all the best. I also get anxiety when I think about the future but I think all we can do is just take it day by day. Is your anxiety not perhaps a cause of the nausea? Have you been checked for any stomach/esophagus issues?

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Nice Post... Thanks You So Much

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