Always Exhausted

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I am not just tired but exhausted every day. Is it a side effect of non-controlled diabetes? My morning number run 180 -200 and 200 -250 after meals. A1C about 9.

Does anyone else experience mental and physical exhaustion when numbers run high?

Thank you

Posted about 2 years ago
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Yes, high numbers can make you feel fatigued.
Try to count carbs in your diet, that will help you in proper blood sugar management.
If still, your number goes beyond 160, drink lots of water.

After 160, the sugar enters your urine, so if you drink water you can get rid off the extra blood sugar present in your body.

Try to eat less carb; the less carb you eat the less variation you will get in your blood sugar.

Posted about 2 years ago
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Yes, all the time except when I am ready for bed. THEN I get energetic.

Posted about 1 year ago