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Good evening everyone,

My name is Chris and I joined here this evening as I am at a loss of words...I am growing concerned as my wife has type 2 diabetes and just recently found herself in the emergency room....everything has turned upside down the last 5 days and I don’t know what’s up or down or even the time anymore....long story short we go back to last week.......she took prednisone for her (should/neck/arm) on Monday night and Tuesday/Wednesday she started feel great with her arm...until Wednesday night she started to have an upset stomach...and I was like well it could have been something she ate...let her be the rest of the night went to work on Thursday and come to find out she was throwing up all day...i came home from work that evening and asked to go to the hospital she (stubborn) said no and I was well it still could be food poisoning and if she is like this in the morning I’ll have to take we all went to bed...I woke up Friday morning and she was still not doing good and still refused to go to the hospital and was pale as a ghost and not looking good at all and I forced her into the car and fought her tooth and nail to get there....we get to the hospital and she was admitted into the icu....they ran initial tests and she was 867 blood sugar level and was severely dehydrated....which I’m surprised she didn’t go into a coma...all day they worked hard to get her levels down and it was an extremely rough day for the bother of Both Saturday and Sunday i was going back and forth as we have an 8 year old and i wanted to get reports from the doctor and nurse...her levels for blood sugar started to subside however the nausea was still there....they went through numerous medicine to stop the vomiting and nausea...Monday was finally some she was starting to get restless and was bored which was good...Tuesday morning the endocrinologist looked in the stomach to get a clear answer....the found ulcers in the stomach and irritation in the esophagus...but nothing serious the endocrinologist found just asked for a follow up in 10 days...they saw that she was improving Tuesday moved her out of icu...and into her own room upstairs which was progress....the levels for blood sugars were 160-180 Most of the time and even a few 130’s sprinkled in was found that she had diabetic Ketoacidosis and the prednisone shot the blood sugar through the they did an ultra sound Wednesday morning and again found nothing serious...the only complaint she had was nausea and they sent us home Wednesday afternoon with a bunch of prescriptions to pick up...lancets monitor metformin glipizide inculin pen and something to sooth the nausea....which led us to today....she has Eaten a little bit more (bananas, chicken Noodle soup, yogurt, lemon ice etc) bits here and there...getting more in the stomach than before....but, she has not been able to pass bowel and has been unsuccessful every time....she is bent over and says it feels better I’m wondering if it’s because of the ulcer....she says the heating pad helps it...she is sleeping fine for when she sleeps....she slept last night (7pm-10:30pm) (2am-5:30am) (7am-9am) and then slept for a few hours this’s just concerning to me...I’m getting the glucose monitor tomorrow and will start monitoring her she has started the insulin today and we will see where that goes....I’ve been on pins and needles constantly wanting to help her but i don’t know what to do....

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Hi Chris,
Your wife is lucky to have you looking out for her, and we understand your concerns. Yes, steroids like prednisone tend to cause blood sugar levels to increase, often to a dangerous level. We are glad she went to the hospital is and under medical care.

Keep doing what you are doing - consulting her healthcare team and keeping a close eye on her. We wish you both the best.

Posted about 1 year ago
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