Confused and Ignored

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My name is Abagail, I am 30 years old and I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes two months ago; however, the circumstances surrounding my diagnosis do not make any sense and doctors and nurses are ignoring it completely.

Once a year, for the past 15 years I have a physical with my family doctor, which includes blood work to check my cholesterol, iron, hormones, etc., and always my blood sugar. In the past 15 years, I have always had normal (even perfect) everything, the only anomaly that has ever occurred was slightly low iron, which my doctor assured me was barely noticeable. (I will note that 3 years ago I did have my gallbladder removed and my doctor informed me I had a fatty liver, but months later he reported my liver was normal). In August of 2016, my blood sugar levels for the A1c was 4 (around 80-90) and my fasting was 5 (under 100), yet in August of 2017, my A1c was 10 (in the 200’s) and my fasting was 15 (over 300). Moreover, I went to my doctor in January (maybe February) for an unrelated issue and he would not test my blood sugar because and I quote “it is impossible for you to have diabetes given your last test”, yet a few months later he tells me I have full-blown diabetes. This to me makes no sense and all the research I have done indicates that diabetes is a progressive disease, but doctors and nurses just ignore me, tell me to take medication, and repeat the same lame excuses that do not make any sense for me and my body. (I would also like to point out that I had zero symptoms at the time of diagnosis, I know that it happens but I just wanted to include that).

Here is my background.

I do not have a strong family history of diabetes; my grandmother on my mother’s side had it, and my great grandfather on my father side had it, other than that nothing. My blood pressures has always been great (doctors have called it perfect) ranging from 100/60 to 120/80; never higher even when under duress. I have never had chronic pancreatitis nor any prolonged inflammation in my pancreas that could have precipitated this. I am a smoker but am working on quitting, and I rarely drink (maybe 4 glasses of wine a year). I am overweight and my diet is not perfect but I have always eaten plenty of fruits and vegetables and have always done my best to prepare well balances meals. My husband, who is 36 does have a strong family history of diabetes and eats far more sugar and carbs than me, has normal blood sugar. I will also note that in August 2017 I was diagnosed with GERD, which my doctor attributes to the diabetes.

None of this makes any logical sense to me and no medical professional will give me any information other than the standard 4 responses:
• “its genetic you would have gotten it eventually” (one nurse actually told me my sisters must have it and have just not been tested; they get tested every year as well)
• “you overweight and all overweight people will get diabetes eventually” (which I have found to be untrue)
• “you need to just focus on keeping your blood sugars low”
• “its possible for type 2 diabetes to happen suddenly” (however, I have found no scientific information in any country in the world to actually back this claim)

I am hoping that someone on here might be able to shed some light on what is happening to my body as no medical professional I have seen has given me any information that makes sense.

Don’t worry though, I plan on getting tested for type 1 and some other testing done (vitamin K deficiency, etc.) and my pancreas tested normal very recently but apparently my liver is a little out of whack and am getting retested next week. My doctor is retiring next month and I am waiting for the new doctor to get anymore testing done as my doctor won’t listen to me or even have a conversation with me about it other than take these pills.

Also, I am not on any medication right now, and have been on an extreme diet based off a new study and my blood sugars have dropped into the normal ranges 4-5.5 (70-100) (I have been testing 6-10 times daily, for my diet). I have also been engaging in extreme exercising; going on 10km walks, Aqua fit twice a week, and Zumba once a week and have lost 30 pounds. I will be talking with a nutritionist once this diet is over to discuss how to move forward safely as the diet is very low carb, very low calorie. (I am taking this seriously and making working on my health)

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