could i be diabetic?

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Hi need some advice, doctors dont seem to concerned and its me that is, more or less since i had my son 7 months ago, ive not been right, most of the time i feel like my body is shaking, and sometimes gets so bad feels like my legs cant hold me, other times its just a case of bad shakes. ive lost alot of weight without trying and without even eating good? i get alot of headaches, and have really bad itchy legs to the point there sore and scratched. also started to go the toilet alot more than before... could be a mixture of age and 2 babies though :)

have had a couple of episodes where ive had bad shakes, really tired, headache and thrown up.

i always eat properly, and never skip meals. although wen i mention to people about the shakes they assume "ive not eaten" when i have!

really getting to me now :( today i feel quite bad and legs are really heavy and trembling, and my head feels full

can anyone relate to these symptoms, or am i been paranoid as the doctor is making me feel
Posted about 8 years ago
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The one thing I have learned over the years is that YOU know your body the best and if you don't feel good than someting is not right.

A glucose test is very simple, so your doctor should be able to do it no problem and I would make him if that is what you think it could be. I wonder if your having thyroid problems, the only reason I think about this is b/c my youngest sister (who is not diabetic) always gets shaky and light-headed when her thyroid if off.

I am not a doctor but I know that for myself I had a lot of changes in my body after I had my son, so if your not getting the help from your doctor you might consider going to someone else. They really should be there to help you figure out when something is not right.

Wishing you all the best!
Posted about 8 years ago