Diabetes and periodontitis

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Hi, I am a person having type 2 diabetes and am taking medicines for this. Nowadays I have some problems with my gums. My gums become reddish and swollen. Sometimes bleeding also occurs. I can't afford the bad breath due to this. This bad breath is also an annoyance for those who talk to me. Then I have tried some home remedies. But it didn't work. Anyways I am planning to consult a dentist. Last day I heard that one of our neighbors had a similar problem like this. She consulted a clinic in Calgary for periodontitis treatment ( http://www.sierradental.ca/westhills/services/implant-dentistry/periodon... ). She told me that these are the symptoms of periodontitis. Then I searched for this condition. I came to know that people with diabetes are at a higher risk for gum disease and other dental problems. So it is important to give more care to this. So I am planning to consult the dentist. Before that, I would like to know the experiences of others who dealt with this condition.

Posted about 2 years ago