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Hi there! My name Karla and I have type 2 diabetes.   I was diagnosed many years ago, but I have lived in denial, pretending it wasn't there or would go away.  But I got a wake up call last Thursday when me dr said, "Your blood sugar is over 300.  Your A1c was 9.3   Here is an insulin pen."   Now I am regularly taking my meds, trying to read all I can, seeing my diabetes educator, keeping my drs' appointments.  The thing that has me stymied is diet and exercise.  I walk with a cane because of severe osteoarthritis in my knee.  It sounds like an excuse, but honestly,  I simply cannot do much exercise because of this.  And even more than that, the diet scares me to death!  I just don't know if I am capable of sticking to it.  Money is VERY tight and I am barely paying for my meds, and the better food we need is expensive!  Plus I just don't know if I am capable of sticking to it.  And I am just very discouraged because if I don't do the diet and exercise, nothing else I do is going to matter very much.  Am I just waiting to die?   I could really use any encouragement!  
Posted about 5 years ago