High Readings after Exercise

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Hi all,

After being sedentary working from home for 3 months during COVID-19, starting to exercise finally and I cannot get my blood glucose to go down under 250 after exercise. This has never happened to me before . I am on same 1500mg Metformin.

Today I had nothing to eat - 1 cup of coffee -then went to do some light yard work - right after reading was 180 - up from 150. 1 hour later it is now 250 and staying there - what the heck? I have not eaten any carbs or anything at all. my exercise was very light.

Yesterday - same thing - just walking to the store . Anyone else see spikes after exercise? I thought exercise was GOOD for you?


Posted about 11 months ago
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Hi, Yes, I tend to see spikes after exercise too. Not always, but it's so frustrating when it happens. Can you reach out to your health care team and see if they have advice for you?

Posted about 10 months ago