Metformin for type2 diabetics.

Hi everyone, I am 25 years old female just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and feels like my world has fallen apart due to the disappointment. I had PCOS from past 8 years and I neglected it as I did not have much knowledge about it. I started putting on weight very fast and my periods started getting irregular and finally stopped. Now I get periods only if I take medicines. I consulted many gynecologists before, they gave meds but those meds had lot of side effects and my sugar levels used to go very low, hence I stopped taking meds for PCOS. Only when I did not get periods, I used to take primolut n for 5 days and used to induce periods artificially. I used to workout and diet but my weight was not reducing at all but my sugars were always low. I got married 8 months ago, started eating all sugary foods without any physical activity, thinking that my sugars are low and ended up getting high sugar levels all of a sudden to my shock. I checked 2 months ago, it was 180 mg fasting. Non fasting was 270. Then I started eating all bitter foods, started working out and my sugars came down to 215 in two days. Then I consulted a doctor, he gave me Cetapin XR 500 mg which has only Metformin as an active ingredient. Now my sugars are around 160-170 but not coming to normal. I am also taking PCOS medicines also. So my diabetologist told me it's because of those hormonal pills, sugars are not coming to normal. I am working out like crazy and stopped eating all carbs now. Now i have two questions?
1. Since, diabetes is progressive, how can sugar levels go up really that soon in a short span of 6 months from low sugar to high sugar levels without me going through pre-diabetes?(had checked my sugar levels 6 months ago and it was 99 mg after breakfast which is lower than normal)
2. Should I take real diabetic medications like glimeperide+metformin or just Metformin is enough? I am taking it thrice a day(500 mg*3).

Posted about 1 year ago
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I have to admit that I do not have much experience when it comes to these things, but I do understand when it comes to the irregular periods. I've had that all of my life and was on some sort of meds, that I can't remember at the moment, to start my periods. I did stop taking them because I was doing a little spotting and my doctor did not want me to take them if I was bleeding on my own. December of last year was the last time I spotted. Then I was diagnosed with diabetes and placed on metformin at the end of March. Now I am starting to spot again. I hope my little story thing helped you.

Posted about 1 year ago