New here and a bit overwhelmed

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Good morning,

I was so glad to find this site and from what I have seen so far, there is a wealth of information and support.

I was diagnosed this morning as being type II diabetic and in all honesty it is a bit overwhelming. I went to the ER for a bladder infection and came out as a diabetic. My blood sugar reading was 18, which the doctor said was very high. He immediately prescribed me medication to take to bring it down and told me to follow up with my family doctor next week.

I am a bit stunned as I had no symptoms. I am not really sure what I am supposed to do now or not do. I don't want to make things worse. I'm almost afraid to eat! I am also not sure how to break the news to my husband when he gets home as he tends to over-react when it comes to my health and he is a worry wart.

Again, I am so glad to have found this site and will be making more time this afternoon to read through some of the posts and gather as much information as I can.

Posted about 9 years ago
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Hi Sandra, and Welcome to the Sisters!
Sorry that I missed your post earlier as I have been having trouble accessing the site. (Thank you Brandy!)
How are things going now? What did your doctor say/do?
How can we help you?:kiss:
Laurie P., moderator
Posted about 9 years ago