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My name is Kate. I've been Type 2 for 12 years. The past two years I've been on Metformin 1,000 mg., twice a day. (Morning and Evening)

My A1C's have been running 6. Last week it was 9. The Dr. suggested 1,000 E.R. twice a day or 850mg. three times a day.

I started the 1,000 E.R. twice a day and my numbers are higher than they were before. Does it take time to work even after being on the 2,000 a day for so long? Or, should I take the 850 three times a day?

I'm so confused on what to take. It was higher because I've been off my diet plan for about 6 months. (A bit depressed. I fell and had to have my shoulder replaced last year.)

I've never been below 140 in the mornings but A1C never went above 6.4

Any suggestions would be helpful. He said if it didn't go down in 4 months after taking one of these new doses, he would add glyburide.

Thank you so much!


Posted about 3 years ago