Questions for Health Psychology

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Hi I am a Health Students and I would like to ask some questions for my Health Psychology course:

for Diabetic Patients and/or their family members:


1.      When
you/they heard the diagnosis, how did you / they feel at the time?

2.      How
important are the people around someone with diabetes in helping you control your

3.      Do
you/they visit a Dietitian regularly?

4.      Are
you/they able to sense when you/they feel like your/their blood sugar is
getting low? How so?

5.      How
often do you/they need to check their blood sugar levels?

6.      How
many different types of insulin medications do you/they take? Why?

7.      What
is the hardest part of being diabetic?

8.      Describe
the type of support system you/they use (support groups, family/social
relationships, relaxation techniques) and explain how they help.

9.      In
your experience, what makes someone want to control his or her disease?

10. Since
your/their diagnosis, have you/they needed to implement an exercise plan?
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