CAN'T loose weight!

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Hi guys! Well my name is Jenna and I am 28. I have been diabetic since I was 17months old.

Currently I weight 160 lbs and I am 5'2. I count all my calories and eat healthily. I do not fry any of my food or have take outs.

Last year I got down to 125lbs and was really happy. However, getting down to this weight I nearly killed myself. I was doing Kickboxing twice a week, two personnel training lessons and running 9kms twice a week = having a very bad car accident and totaling my car :(

I now do 45 minutes of exercise bike everyday and some weights. I work at a garden nursery and do heaps of lifting and walking. When I get home I do more gardening, housework and exercise. Normally 3 hours or more before "sitting down."

I get about 7 hours sleep a night. I have had my thyroid tested and cortisol levels and am in normal ranges for both. I eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, and very little dairy or carbs. I drink two liters of water a day.

Every time I loose weight as soon as I get my period I put it right back on again. I am still under testing by my endocrinologist. Since I started doing what he said, I have PUT on weight!

HELP ME. I am absolutely at my wits end. I have read thousands of hours of weight loss tips and tricks. Metabolism boosters and what foods help aid "weight loss". I will do ANYTHING I just need to know WHAT to do!

I am getting married in Dec and I am starting to get depression.

thanks x x x
Posted about 7 years ago
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Hi Jenna!
My name is Kathy and 1st I want to say congratulations on your engagement. This year is going to go so fast and before you know it, it's going to be December. My daughter got married a couple of years ago and we had so much fun preparing for her wedding. Feel that joy and happiness because it only happens once. Concentrate on that and just keep following your diet & exercise plan. The weight will come off eventually a.
I've spent the last 9 months trying to lose weight. I've been following a weight loss diet and taking fitness classes at a gi ym 5 days a week. I didn't lose a pound. Now I find out I have an underactive thyroid and I need to take thyuroid medicine. Finally my weight is beginning to come off. My point is don't give up & think about the positives.
Talk to your doctor. Maybe you can tweek somethning in your diet or try a new exercise. Good Luck & enjoy this year! Kathy
Posted about 7 years ago
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I felt the same way as you do. Unfortunately, some of the Diabetic meds can make you gain weight. It happened to me, I was on Januvia, then Avandamet(avandia/metformin). My Dr said it could cause weight gain. It controlled the blood sugar, but Avandia possibly can cause heart attacks, so my Dr took me off. Now I am on Metformin and Victoza (injectable) but not insulin. I have lost 23 lbs which thrilled me and my Dr, but now I have Acid Reflex pretty bad. So it might help you too. It can cause nausea and vomiting in the early stages.
Good luck sweetie.
Posted about 7 years ago
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I'm 5'3 and weigh around 147. But I use to be 160. A few years back I got down to 125 and the best way I did that was to watch my food intake along with working out and weights. When you work out do you do interval training? It sounds like you're doing a good job, but I wanted to make some suggestions. Maybe you already do these things, but just in case:

1. Whole grains. Cut out white carbs. They build fat.
2. Natural fats. Butter, not margarine, nuts, fish ect.
3. Low sugar intake. Not a huge surprise there.
4. Sodium. You can gain 5lbs a day from too much sodium. and it's in EVERYTHING.
Buy everything reduced sodium and watch that carefully.
I also found that stressing about it made me gain weight. I need to lose about 10 more pounds too, and really need a push in the right direction. Good luck, I know first hand it's not easy!
Posted about 7 years ago
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Hi me!
Could you tell us about your exercise plan? How long do you do which types of exercise? How often?

Laurie P., moderator:kiss:
Posted about 7 years ago
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Follow a simple strategy to lose weight, spend more calories than you eat daily. After few weeks you will see a huge improvement.

Posted about 11 months ago
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The best thing that has successfully worked for me is not to eat anything after 6:30 PM. Literally don't put anything in your mouth. Don't go near TV in the evening, it will tempt you to go to your fridge.

Posted about 10 months ago