loosing weight.

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I have just realised some hours ago that I am at the diabetes verge. Apparently, my glucose level is very high.

I am meant to loose weight for another test in 2 months or I will be on tablets.

I need help. what foods can i eat?
Posted about 8 years ago
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Hi Obeng, and welcome to Forums!

Is it possible for you to meet with a dietitian? Meal plans need to be individualized, as we are all different. There are no bad foods, but too many carbohydrates eaten at once can make your sugar go high, and add to excess calories. Even candy is OK occasionally if you learn to work it into your meal plan.

You say your sugar was "very high". Can you provide some more information?

Medications are a great way of helping to control your blood sugars and save your insulin for later in life. Many people with diabetes take a tablet or two (or three!).

Can you tell us more about what you are being told? What changes have you made? How can we help?

If you would like some individualized information please email us. From the home page choose "From the Experts"> >"Ask Our CDE" and use the email link at the top.

Laurie P. Moderator :kiss:
Posted about 8 years ago
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Eat foods which contain fiber. Eat salad, fruits, vegetables, eggs and milk.

Posted about 11 months ago
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Have you tried eating dense food? This study supports the idea that eating less of the higher-calorie-dense foods and more of the nutritious, lower-calorie-dense foods can help to manage hunger while consuming fewer calories.

Reference: https://www.emaxhealth.com/13984/which-more-effective-weight-loss-tying-...

Posted about 10 months ago