April 2021: Your PODS Meetup Questions Answered

April 2021: Your PODS Meetup Questions Answered

PODS logoLast month we looked at the history of our PODS Meetup Program. This month, we'll answer all of your questions about PODS Meetups today.

Where do PODS Meetup groups take place?
As mentioned last month, all of our PODS Meetups are currently held on Zoom due to COVID-19 restrictions. When it's safe to meet in person, our Meetups happen in various spaces, including libraries, PODS Leader's homes, local coffee shops, church halls, and recreation centers.

Do PODS Meetups have a set curriculum?
DiabetesSisters staff and partners have created a set of 24 diabetes-related learning modules that are used to guide conversations during PODS meetings. We use feedback from PODS Leaders and members to revise and craft new modules, adding new topics each year.

What topics do the PODS modules cover?
Our current modules include diabetes-related topics such as stress and emotional wellness, healthy eating, physical activity, treatment plans, heart disease, pregnancy, menopause, eating disorders, devices and technology, medications, kidney disease, gastroparesis, emergency and sick day preparedness, language and stigma, celebrating diversity, and communication.

Do Meetups ever discuss other topics?
Absolutely! While the modules are suggested guides, no subject is taboo, and Leaders are encouraged to discuss anything relevant to their members. Groups have had candid discussions about COVID fears, intimacy, dating and sex, complications, and recently, COVID vaccines.

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So PODS Meetup groups can do anything they want?
Not anything! We have several firm guidelines for our Meetups to ensure our members have a safe and inclusive space to focus on themselves. Meetups are open only to women 18 years and older with any type of diabetes and pre-diabetes. Members arrive ready to hear experiences from women with different kinds of diabetes, and everyone has a chance to share their thoughts and experiences. Most importantly, things shared in a PODS Meetup are considered confidential and never shared outside the meeting.

What is the best thing about PODS Meetups?
PODS Meetups are special because they offer a unique space where women living with diabetes form strong circles of support and freely share encouragement, resources, and their own experiences and questions with each other.

How can I join a PODS Meetup or start my own PODS group?
If you'd like information on joining one of our PODS Meetup groups, please fill out our PODS Interest Form.
For information on leading a PODS group, visit our Become a PODS Leader page to learn more and apply!