February 2017 eNewsletter

February 2017 eNewsletter

 February 2017 NEWSLETTER, ISSUE 101                      Sponsored by: 
Dear DiabetesSister, 

It's February, and we are reminded by the media of romance and hearts. At DiabetesSisters, we are thankful for the relationships we create and maintain, but also for the resources that allow us to keep our hearts healthy . We've taken this February eNewsletter issue and filled it heart healthy information just for you!

We continue to recruit for our DiabetesSistersVoices research study, where we need women living with diabetes to register and share about living with diabetes. This study will help guide research for women and diabetes, a topic that needs to be in the spotlight. Please register today.

We will be opening registration for our Weekend for Women Conference Series later this month. Please mark your calendar for October 13-15, 2017, in Alexandria, VA. This is exciting, as we have lined up a great faculty to bring discussions and education on topics such as Diabetes Technology, Heart Disease, Anxiety, Laughter with Diabetes, and much much more. You will receive a separate message with all details, so please be on the lookout for that in your inboxes. 

Finally, I'd like to take a moment and pay respects to a phenomenal woman who paved the way for many people living with diabetes. Mary Tyler Moore passed away on January 25, leaving behind a community of saddened, yet empowered people with diabetes. Mary was a force to be reckoned with - speaking on behalf of many of us when we didn't have a voice. As women, she taught us to live victoriously with diabetes, to show everyone what we are made of. I hope you will carry her legacy with you, as I do, and show the world that despite diabetes, we can "make it after all."

Until next month,

In Sisterhood,

Anna Norton, MS 
23 Triumphant (NOT Perfect!) Years THRIVING with Diabetes


Diabetes affects 1 in 10 US adults and people with diabetes have a higher prevalence of heart disease and increased risk of heart attack compared to those without diabetes. In this webinar, you will learn about risk factors for heart disease commonly associated with diabetes and how you can decrease your risk of heart disease.

Diabetes and Heart Health
led by Sarah Alexander, MD, of
Rush University Medical Center
Wednesday, February 8, 4pm est
All who register will be entered to win a copy of the 
American Diabetes Association's book 
Diabetes & Heart Health Meals for Two.

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By Bonnie Goldberg, MA, RD, CDE

Bonnie is a Registered Dietitian with a Masters Degree in Health Education from Columbia University. She specializes in diabetes care and has spent her career educating and empowering people with diabetes. She is proud to currently work for Medtronic.

You might have heard about a new insulin pump that was recently approved by the FDA, the MiniMed® 670G system. This revolutionary new product is the world's first hybrid closed loop insulin delivery system. This groundbreaking new technology is the first and only system that constantly self-adjusts to automatically keep your sugar levels in range, based on how you live your everyday life.

So, how does this new technology work? And how can it help you manage your diabetes better?

How Does the Hybrid Closed Loop System Work?

The MiniMed 670G system is the latest step in Medtronic's 35-year journey toward developing a fully automated, closed loop system. With each advancement made to our SmartGuardTM algorithm, Medtronic's insulin pump systems enable increased automation, requiring less and less interaction with the system. For example, in the MiniMed® 630G system, which launched in August 2016, SmartGuard technology suspends insulin delivery for up to two hours when glucose levels reach a pre-set low limit, reducing exposure to low sensor glucose events. We call this feature Suspend on low.


Along with The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and TrustNetMD, we are gathering women's voices on questions, resources, and thoughts on relevant health topics for women and diabetes via a new website: DiabetesSistersVoices
We invite all women over the age of 18, living with all kinds of diabetes, to register to the site and begin conversations with other women on life with diabetes, share resources, and pose pressing questions about the future of healthcare as it relates to life with diabetes. These contributions will shape the future of research, to be published in a final report, and distributed to healthcare providers.

Your thoughts, questions, and resource sharing are integral to research on diabetes and women. Please register today at www.diabetessistersvoices.org.

Funding for this project was awarded by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI).

Boehringer Ingelheim and Lilly have recently launched
"For Your Sweetheart", a U.S. initiative to raise awareness of the link between diabetes and heart disease and to encourage people with type 2 diabetes to know their heart disease risk and speak to their healthcare provider, for the sake of their health and the people they cherish the most.
This month, we invite you to learn how to speak with your healthcare provider about the risks of diabetes and heart disease.
Below are some questions to help you start the conversation:
  • Do you think I am at risk for a heart attack or stroke?
  • If I already take a medication for my heart, am I still at risk?
  • What lifestyle changes can I make now to lower my risk for heart disease?

Please consider using this link for a portion of your sales to impact DiabetesSisters.




The American Heart Association reports a misconception that anything described as healthy lacks flavor and satisfaction. There is also an assumption that healthy foods are expensive; however, there are many creative ways to cook up a delicious, heart-healthy dish. Below, we have highlighted some of our favorite recipes from the American Heart Association Go Red for Women campaign. Bon appetit!
Source: American Heart Association 

Last month, we kicked off the new year with the Healthy Temple Ministry at Mt. Jezreel Baptist Church in Silver Spring, MD. The New Year's Health Revolution met women living with, or at-risk of, diabetes for a day of education. CDE Janice Harris from Howard University Diabetes Management Program shared how women with diabetes should care for their bodies from head to toe. This comprehensive session focuses on self-management strategies to keep us living well, with an emphasis on how healthy blood flow is critical for proper brain function. The day also included a physical activity session, focusing on chair exercises and basic martial arts techniques. The day concluded with information on healthy snack options.

DiabetesSisters is grateful for the support of Big Blue Test, Janssen and Novo Nordisk as we continue to reach African American and Hispanic women throughout the country. If you are interested in learning more about our Minority Initiative Program, please email us at info@diabetessisters.org.

DiabetesSisters helps to connect women living with diabetes through peer support, education, and advocacy that improves their health and quality of life.  We invite you to be part of expanding that network of sisterhood and strength by joining our new Sister Strength Monthly Giving program.


Since 2008, your dollars have allowed us to continue to grow our signature programs such as the PODS Meetup program, which reaches over 1,200 women annually, as well as maintain our online programs such as this e-newsletter and our website, which hosts over 440,000 visitors each year. Programming in 2016 and beyond will continue with existing and new programs, but we desperately need your support.


Set up your monthly gift today: Together we will build a stronger future for women with diabetes!

Click HERE to visit our growing library where you can download, print, and share this information.
The creation of many of these educational pieces were a result of the generous support of our Advisory Council and industry partners including AstraZeneca, BI, Center for Hope of the Sierras, Dexcom, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust, Lilly, Merck, MicroMass Communications, Novo Nordisk, and Regeneron.

 sisterTALK Blogs
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Arlington, VA

February 2, 7pm
Chattanooga, TN 
February 2, 6pm 


Ventura County/San Fernando Valley, CA
February 6, 6:30pm
Rochester, NY (Westside) 
February 6, 6pm
Rochester, NY (CollegeTown) 
February 7, 6:30pm


Princeton, NJ
February 8, 7pm 
Greater Philadelphia, PA 
February 9, 7pm
Durham, NC 
February 9, 6:30pm
Apex, NC 
February 15, 6pm

South Shore/Braintree

February 15, 7pm

Chesapeake, VA
February 16, 6:30pm

Jacksonville, FL
February 16, 6:30pm

February 16, 8pm EST 


Williamsburg, VA
February 21, 6pm

Greensboro, NC
February 21, 6pm

Rochester, NY (Eastside)
February 21, 6pm

Richmond, VA
February 21, 6pm

Reno, NV
February 21, 6:30pm

Boston (Metrowest)
February 21, 7pm  

 Albany/Schenectady, NY

February 28, 6:30pm    
Want to learn more about  or attend a local PODS Meetup, or start a PODS Meetup where you live? Want to find out about the Virtual PODS Meetup?

Lilly has announced plans to work with Blink Health to offer lower priced insulin to those who may be paying full retail prices at their pharmacies. The discounts may reduce costs for people who pay full retail prices at the pharmacy, such as those who have no insurance or are in the deductible phase of their high-deductible insurance plans. 

Diabetes Health Magazine


Designed by a woman living with diabetes, FreeToGo offers clothing, jewelry and accessories for people living with diabetes. 


FreeToGo has committed a portion of their sales to DiabetesSisters. Visit them at www.freetogostyle.com  





Designed by a woman living with diabetes, FreeToGo offers clothing, jewelry and accessories for people living with diabetes. 


FreeToGo has committed a portion of their sales to DiabetesSisters. Visit them at www.freetogostyle.com  






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