March 2019: Partner Spotlight - Sanofi

March 2019: Partner Spotlight - Sanofi

Sanofi 2019If you, or someone you know, has been prescribed a Sanofi medication, and are having financial challenges or trouble navigating insurance benefits, please contact Sanofi Patient Connection at (888) 847-4877. Eligible patients can be connected to the medications and resources they need at no cost to them.

For those living with diabetes, these programs include:

  • Insulins Valyou Savings Program: This program offers all uninsured patients, regardless of income level, one set price to help lower out-of-pocket costs for Sanofi insulins such as Lantus, Toujeo, Admelog, and Apidra.
  • Co-pay programs: Programs that may limit out-of-pocket expenses, sometimes to $0, for all commercially insured patients in the U.S., regardless of income level or reimbursement status on an insurance plan. This aims to ensure cost-sharing is not a barrier to medication access. See details on, and
  • Patient Assistance Connection: A program that can provide Sanofi medications at no charge for qualified low-income, uninsured patients through its patient assistance component.

In addition, Sanofi just released its 2019 Pricing Principles Report. This is an update on how it tracked against the core pillars of its Pricing Principles in 2018 and offers an inside view into Sanofi’s commitment to greater transparency in pricing actions. You can find the full report here.


Sanofi is a 2019 National Strategic Partner of DiabetesSisters. DiabetesSisters shares information they provide that is useful to our community; however, the relationship does not influence the decisions or opinions of DiabetesSisters, its governing board or staff.