November 2016 enewsletter

November 2016 enewsletter

 November 2016 NEWSLETTER, ISSUE 98                       Sponsored by: 
Dear Sister, 
I am sure you have been seeing many campaigns to celebrate Diabetes Awareness Month. At DiabetesSisters, we are participating in various projects, highlighting how well we can live with diabetes. I'm proud that we are partnering with other diabetes organizations this month, bringing you more resources and opportunities to participate within our community.
This month, we are launching a first-of-its-time project:DiabetesSistersVoices. This project, a collaboration between Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, needs YOU in order to reach ultimate success. By logging into this website, you can pose your pressing questions about diabetes as a woman, share resources that have helped you and chat with other women who walk the same journey.YOU can be the voice that directs research in women with diabetes. So please, check out the site, register and start affecting change in the way healthcare providers help us manage diabetes.
Please take your time in reading this month's newsletter - and click on the many links, especially those from Medtronic, Big Blue Test, and our upcoming webinar on November 16th at 4pm est.
As the month closes, I wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving holiday - I hope you will take the time to disconnect from the outside world and love those closest to you.
Until next month,
In Sisterhood,
Anna Norton, MS
23 Triumphant (NOT Perfect!) Years THRIVING with Diabetes

Be Healthy. Be You. 
led by Kimberly Goodson
Do you ever feel self-conscious about your Diabetes care? Or do you ever struggle to know how to talk about it with those around you? Have you ever considered how these issues impact your overall health and well-being? Tune into this webinar to hear effective ways to approach these tricky situations and boost your confidence as a woman with diabetes! 
Wednesday, November 16, 2016
4:00-4:30 pm EST 

All registered attendees will be entered in a raffle to win a copy of 

Riva Greenberg's book Diabetes Do's & How-To's. 



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Members of the Medtronic Team
The biggest month for diabetes awareness activities is here, and it's the perfect time to raise your voice to increase awareness about diabetes! You might ask: Why? How does more awareness impact the lives of people with diabetes in a meaningful way? The question is a good one, but the answer is simple. Awareness is the first step to any kind of change. More funding for research, better public support for legislation issues. More understanding and empathy. Less blame and shame.
Here's a list of different ways you and your family and friends can make an impact for diabetes in your community.
1. ADA This Is DiabetesTM Campaign
The ADA is showcasing real-life stories of people with diabetes and their care partners managing the everyday successes and challenges of diabetes. Help the ADA raise awareness by submitting your own story to communicate the experiences of those who know and understand diabetes the best. Share your story, photo, or video on social media using #ThisIsDiabetes.
2. Take The Big Blue Test
Another annual favorite, the Diabetes Hands Foundation asks you to take the Big Blue Test by doing 14-20 minutes of exercise of your choice, testing your blood sugar, and sharing your results either online or through your smartphone app. Each entry you log between October 14th and November 14th triggers a $3 donation on your behalf to nonprofit groups, including DiabetesSisters, that are providing life-saving supplies, services, and education to people with diabetes in need.
3. Medtronic Diabetes Myths Awareness
All month long, Medtronic Diabetes will be breaking common myths associated with diabetes. A great awareness campaign to allow others to truly understand what people living with diabetes CAN do. Make sure to head over to our Facebook page and share these myths with your diabetes community.

Along with The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, we are gathering women's voices on questions, resources, and thoughts on relevant health topics for women and diabetes via a new website: DiabetesSistersVoices
We invite all women over the age of 18, living with all kinds of diabetes, to register to the site and begin conversations with other women on life with diabetes, share resources, and pose pressing questions about the future of healthcare as it relates to life with diabetes. These contributions will shape the future of research, to be published in a final report, and distributed to healthcare providers.

Your thoughts, questions, and resource sharing are integral to research on diabetes and women. Please register today at

Funding for this project was awarded by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI).

Along with We Are Diabetes and Riverside Community Health Foundation, DiabetesSisters has been awarded a Big Blue Test grant from the Diabetes Hands Foundation. 
The Big Blue Test is a program that encourages communities to come together to experience the impact that small changes can have on health. In four easy steps, you will trigger a contribution to DiabetesSisters, not to mention have a meaningful impact on your health.
From now until November 14th, Diabetes Hands Foundation will donate $1 to DiabetesSisters for each Big Blue Test that is logged. 

With the holidays approaching, please consider using this link for a portion of your sales to impact DiabetesSisters.




DarioHealth is pleased to announce a special promotion for the Diabetes Sisters members. From now thru the end of the year, Dario is offering their starter kit for $39.99.  The starter kit includes the all-in-one meter as well as 50 strips.  This deal includes free shipping.  Once downloading the application from the app store from Apple and acticvating your account, you are ready to begin using this unique diabetes management solution.  The app includes a food database with 500,000 foods as well as an activity database to track physical activity and help put your blood glucose in context.
Please note that Dario is only approved with iPhones at the present time and awaiting Android approval before the end of the year.

DiabetesSisters helps to connect women living with diabetes through peer support, education, and advocacy that improves their health and quality of life.  We invite you to be part of expanding that network of sisterhood and strength by joining our new Sister Strength Monthly Giving program.


Since 2008, your dollars have allowed us to continue to grow our signature programs such as the PODS Meetup program, which reaches over 1,200 women annually, as well as maintain our online programs such as this e-newsletter and our website, which hosts over 440,000 visitors each year. Programming in 2016 and beyond will continue with existing and new programs, but we desperately need your support.


Set up your monthly gift today: Together we will build a stronger future for women with diabetes!

Join us on World Diabetes Day


Join DiabetesSisters and the Society for Women's Health Research on 

Monday, November 14from 2pm-3pm EST 

on Twitter. Find us, and other diabetes organizations, at #WDDChat16


We will be participating in the annual World Diabetes Day Twitter chat and posing specific questions for women and diabetes.


Follow us at:

@diabetessisters and @SWHR 


Pharmacist with a passion for T1D advocacy
 T1D turned pharmacist turned advocate. Adrienne is grateful for all of the advancements diabetes technologies have made.
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The creation of many of these educational pieces were a result of the generous support of our Advisory Council and industry partners including AstraZeneca, BI, Center for Hope of the Sierras, Dexcom, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust, Lilly, Merck, MicroMass Communications, Novo Nordisk, and Regeneron.

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Arlington, VA
 Nov. 3, 7:00pm
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Nov. 9, 6:00pm


Princeton, NJ
Nov. 9, 7:00pm
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Nov. 9, 6:30pm


Greater Philadelphia, PA
 Nov. 10, 7:00pm

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Nov. 15, 6:00pm 

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Nov. 15, 6:30pm

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Nov. 15, 6:00pm

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Nov. 22, 6:00pm 
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Nov. 22, 6:00pm

Albany/Schenectady, NY
Nov. 22, 6:30pm
Rochester, NY (CollegeTown)
Nov. 29, 6:00pm
Indianapolis, IN
Nov. 30, 4:30pm
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FreeToGo has committed a portion of their sales to DiabetesSisters. Visit them  






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