October 2018: Influenza Risks and Prevention

October 2018: Influenza Risks and Prevention

Influenza Diabetes CommunityDid you know that people with chronic conditions, such as those with diabetes, are especially vulnerable to influenza because of the higher risks of complications?  And, that this is true regardless of how well diabetes is managed?

DiabetesSisters has partnered with the Influenza Diabetes Community this month and are pleased to provide free, unlimited access to online education about Influenza and Diabetes.

Please go to https://idc.mytonomy.com/users/sign_in  and watch these engaging, short – 30 seconds to 3 minutes – videos about influenza, the vaccine, and how healthcare professionals can talk to patients about getting vaccinated.

To learn more about the Influenza and Diabetes Community visit http://eswi.org/tidc/


Influenza infographic