DiabetesSisters Welcomes New Board Members Mike Swearingen and Andrea Thomas

Durham, NC (November 10, 2014) DiabetesSisters is pleased to announce the addition of two highly esteemed individuals to their Board of Directors. As Board Members for DiabetesSisters, their roles and responsibilities include: setting DiabetesSisters-related policy, fundraising and financial oversight of the organization, and community representation. Mr. Swearingen and Ms. Thomas join currently existing board members, Vicki Norris, David Warren, Diana Karczmarczyk, Wanda Nicholson, MD, and board member emeritus, John Buse, MD, PhD.

DiabetesSisters Announces Partnership With Black Women's Health Imperative

Durham, NC (February 25, 2015) DiabetesSisters, a 501c3 national nonprofit organization based in Durham, North Carolina is pleased to announce that it has entered into an exciting new partnership with the Black Women’s Health Imperative, a national nonprofit organization based in Washington, DC, whose focus is on advancing the health and wellness of Black women and girls in the US. This partnership will link the two organizations with the similar goals of advocacy, education, and support for underrepresented groups.

DiabetesSisters Welcomes Tricia Cedotal to Board of Directors

Durham, NC (March 19, 2015) DiabetesSiseters pleased to announce the addition of Tricia Cedotal to their esteemed Board of Directors. Ms. Cedotal was elected in January 2015 by current board members Matt Stella, Donna Rice, Andrea Thomas, Vicki Norris, David Warren, Diana Karczmarczyk, and Wanda Nicholson. As a Board member, Ms. Cedotal will represent DiabetesSisters publicly, and aid in policy-making, advocacy, and fundraising tasks.

DiabetesSisters Receives Financial Support for Landmark Report from Janssen Pharmaceuticals

Durham, NC (March 26, 2015) DiabetesSisters is pleased to announce financial support from Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc. in the amount of $25,000 for a groundbreaking project in the field of diabetes. The project, which involves both DiabetesSisters and a partnering organization, The Society for Women’ Health Research, will result in the production of a landmark report on women and diabetes. The “Women & Diabetes: 10Q Report” will examine major areas of in need of research to improve the health and wellbeing of women with diabetes.

DiabetesSisters Board of Directors Announce Interim CEO as Founder and CEO Steps Down

Durham, NC (May 01, 2015) Brandy Barnes, founder of the national nonprofit organization DiabetesSisters, has announced her decision to step down as Chief Executive Officer of the organization effective May 1, 2015. She will remain active in the diabetes community and be involved in the organization’s leadership transition.

The DiabetesSisters Team Expands to Include Heather Gabel as Program Assistant

Durham, NC (August 19, 2015) DiabetesSisters welcomed Heather Gabel to the DiabetesSisters team as Program Assistant on August 3, 2015. Gabel has been living with diabetes since 2001 and has been an active member of the diabetes community since 2012. Gabel’s previous work experience includes program and administrative assistance at the Diabetes Hands Foundation and consulting for University of Michigan and University of California at San Francisco. Gabel is currently earning her Ph.D in rehabilitation sciences at the University of Illinois, Chicago.

DiabetesSisters Welcomes Carol Wysham, MD, to Board of Directors

Durham, NC (September 03, 2015) DiabetesSisters is pleased to announce the additional of Carol Wysham, MD, to their esteemed Board of Directors. Dr. Wysham was elected in August 2015 by current board members Diana Karczmarczyk, Donna Rice, David Warren, Matt Stella, Tricia Cedotal, Andrea Thomas, Wanda Nicholson and Vicki Norris. As a Board Member, Dr. Wysham will represent DiabetesSisters publicly, aid in policy-making, counsel and fundraising efforts.