PODS Leader Reflections: Shelby K

PODS Leader Reflections: Shelby K

Shelby KWhen I arrived at Pinstripes for our Leader Appreciation Social at the 2019 Leadership Institute, one of my dSisters wore a shirt that said “Don’t be a lady, BE A LEGEND.” I loved it and thought it set the perfect tone for our conference.

We were certainly surrounded by legends. We heard from Anna Norton, Sarah Mart, and Karen Graffeo, the trio that keeps DiabetesSisters a well-oiled machine. We learned best practices for leading Meetups and strategies for finding new PODS members from iconic PODS leaders who have been doing this for a while. We participated in a Hip Hop Fit class with Gene Hicks, legendary for his enthusiasm and support.

Legends have a clear vision for the future and know why their vision matters. In a session guided by business strategist and coach Shawn Shepheard, we dedicated 90 minutes of uninterrupted time to focus on ourselves and our personal and professional goals (Shawn heads up The Leadership Advantage and lives with type 1 diabetes himself). We devised individual game plans for the next year, thinking about the challenges we need to overcome and the strengths we already have. We defined our vision of success, thought about why it matters, and identified roadblocks that might get in the way (and strategies for overcoming them). In learning how to be better leaders, we also learned how to become legends.

As a woman living with diabetes, you are strong. You are motivated. You have vision. You are passionate.

Don’t be a lady, BE A LEGEND.

Shelby K (on the left above) is a PODS Leader in Richmond, VA.