Quarterly Gatherings

Quarterly Gatherings

Quarterly Gathering

"I mark the dates of the Quarterly Gatherings on my calendar religiously!. I am usually one of the first ones there. There's a group of us who always show up about thirty minutes early! I can honestly say that there is nothing else in the world like attending one of these meetings because I feel so supported and motivated to take good care of myself afterward. They give me the boost of evergy I need to keep going." -- Susan G., DiabetesSisters member

What are Quarterly Gatherings?

DiabetesSisters' Quarterly Gatherings are meetings held once per quarter (4 times per year) in a restaurant setting. They always take place over lunch on a Saturday afternoon. They are open to women of all ages with all types of diabetes and usually last for two hours. They are held in a private room and provide a refuge for women to remove themselves from their busy schedules and focus on their health. (Spouses and children should not attend.) During the meeting, women share their experiences and concerns with other attendees, enjoy a meal (if they choose), hear from an inspirational/educational speaker, and partake in a raffle drawing for a "luxury" service.

Why are Quarterly Gatherings important for women with diabetes?

In between physician visits, when the day-to-day management of diabetes can become overwhelming, the Sisterhood is a source of support and understanding for women with diabetes. As a result of the Quarterly Gatherings, members have supported each other through the initiation of insulin and insulin pumps, the ups and downs of pregnancy, and even met one-on-one for support.

Can I attend a Quarterly Gathering in my city?

The first Quarterly Gathering was piloted in Raleigh, NC in 2009. Since then, a Gathering has taken place every quarter with great attendance. Quarterly Gatherings are a great option for those areas where DiabetesSisters are spread out over a larger area and require travel time in order to meet. Quarter Gatherings are also a great option for women who are very busy during the week. If you are interested in leading a DiabetesSisters meeting in your area, but you can't host a meeting at your home or you are simply to busy during the week, please consider leading a Quarterly Gathering in your area. Check our Upcoming Events calendar to see if there is a Quarterly Gathering in a location near you. If you are interested in starting a Quarterly Gathering in your city/town/neighborhood, click here or email Donna Tucker, Quarterly Gathering Coordinator, at donna@diabetessisters.org.

Check our EVENT CALENDAR to see if there is a meeting near you. 

DiabetesSisters First Quarterly Gathering World Diabetes Day- November 14, 2009 Raleigh, NC

DiabetesSisters First Quarterly Gathering
World Diabetes Day- November 14, 2009 Raleigh, NC